The Participants

Maxwell The Dog was adorable is his tuxedo. He did a splendid job of being the Ringbearer for the joining of his two parents in matrimony. He even came when called, and endured the sun like a champ. Good Boy!
Dan Williams is currently living in the greater metropolitan Washington D.C. area. He is working as an attorney in a prestigious law firm. He grew up with Joe and is an old friend. His favorite thing to say is "La La La La La".
Ryan Madison is an intrepid travler, currently somehwere in Alaska enjoying the Northern Lights. Ryan grew up in Vestal, and graduated a year after Joe. Ryan and Joe lived together in Rochester at the Precinct. Joe and Ryan love to "Extreme Golf".
Doug Morrison is a technical manager at Bausch and Lomb. Doug and Joe started hanging out when Doug lived on Chalburn near Joe's friend Melanie.
Tom Pizza is a technical sales engineer for Techtronix in the Northeast. He lives near Washington D.C. with his wife, daughter Anna, and soon to be second child. Tom and Joe grew up together, and was instrumental in getting Joe to move to Rochester where he met Amy.
Todd Nielsen works for a division of the Washington Post, as he likes to refer to Kaplan Education, as. He lives with his girlfriend Erin in sunny Southern California. Todd and Joe are cousins. Todd lived with Joe in Rochester, and they share a "silver tounge".
Dave Dunphy was honored to play the role of best man for Joe's wedding. He is a sales representative for Clean Room Enginering in the Southeastern Region. Dave and Joe have always been very close. Dave got Joe his current job with a similar company.
Groom's Parents
Joe Dunphy Sr. Was very proud to see his last child joined in the bond of marriage. When the priest asked the parents if they approved of this marriage, Joe responded with a resounding "We Do!"
Sarah Dunphy lovingly watched her last child, her baby, marry her now wonderful daughter in law, and felt a great sense of peace. Now she can concentrate all her worrying about her future grandchildren.
Uh... Where do I stand? This is during the rehersal, Joe kind of reminded me of a 7 or 8 year old kid in Disney World during the rehearsal and wedding day. Either that, or the look you get after the first time.
Joe in a moment of Zen. I am one of few people who have seen Joe do his amazing "Sleep / pass out while standing up routine."
Joe Dunphy Wow, Amy you didn't tell us you were marrying a model.
Jim Gerling was quite spiritual, and yet humorous at the same time throughout the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. I was impressed at what a good job he did. When it was time to kiss, he held them off for a while amusing everyone.
Kris Eck is a long term friend of Amy's. This wedding was extra special for her, because, Jason her boyfirend, who Amy met Kris through proposed to her on the Castle Lawn after the reception. Doug the intrepid Photog captured the special moment on tape unbeknownst to the couple.
Pamela Spak is Joe Dunphy's sister, and now Amy's sister in law. Pam is married to Jim Spak, and they live in Vestal with their beautiful sons Nicholas, and Nathan. Pam, Tom's wife Debbie, and Dave's wife Angela were all pregnant at the time of the wedding. It must have been something in the Air....
Christine Columbo is a good friend of Amy's from Rochester. She is currently going back to school to start a new carear.
Jennifer Brown is Amy's sister, affectionately known as "Viste'". Amy and her sisters are very close. They have a special bond. When they sang "Going to the Chapel" walking back to the castle after pictures were taken it was a heart warming moment.
Joanna Brown works for Xerox in Rochester as a software developer. She had the ambition to go back to school, and get her Computer Science degree from SUNY Brockport. She got it, and now she is writing Java Code. Congratulations.
Andrea Dery did a wonderful job as Amy's maid of Honor. Andrea and Amy have been close friends for a long time. Andrea was at Prepps when Amy first saw Joe. Andrea heard Amy say "I want to talk with him!"
Bride's Parents
Bill Brown I imagine one of the most touching moments a "Father of the Bride" must perform is to his give his daughter away. Bill performed these duties admirabally. He walked Amy down the isle, and gave her away to be married to Joe.
Joanne Brown is very very proud of her daughter. She is also thrilled to have Joseph as a Son in Law. Joanne is extremely proud of all three of her daughters and loves them dearly. I have recieved several phone calls from her LATE at night when Amy and Joe hadn't arrived home yet.
Amy's Dress was an extremely beautiful bride. This is one of the more "funny" shots of her. Wow, what a dress! (Forgive me Amy)
You'd better say I do Mr. Man... This was during the ceremony. Notice the pumpkin. One of the things that Amy loves, in addition to Joe is Halloween.
Amy Dunphy(Brown) Wow, Joe you didn't tell us you were marrying a model. Amy's expression during the wedding looked like she had won the lottery, was at a magazine photo shoot, and was about to burst into tears.