Miscellaneous Pictures

The Surroundings
Seneca Lake was the backdrop for the engagement.
Trees Were all over the lawn, as well as terrace's and benches.
Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY was the location that Amy and Joe picked for their wedding. It was beautiful. There was even a 24 hour wine tap in the wall upstairs.
The Castle Joe and Amy spent the night in the Honeymoon Suite prior to leaving for their honeymoon.
To the Tower, Rapunzel...I believe this is where Joe and Amy spent their first night as Man and Wife.

The Music
Three students from the Eastman School were hired to play music for the ceremony, and during the time spent on the lawn afterwards. They were very talented. The music certainly added a nice ambience.
Some of the selections played.
More of the musical selections
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, was their wedding song. This happens to be one of my favorites. I was surprised that the music buff's sitting with me at the reception weren't able to guess it.

The Rings
Tom got a great shot of newlywed's rings. Amy's is three rings in one, and Joe's is like Inspector Gadget. They are both very impressive!

The Cake
The cake was also very impressive.
Gifts The gifts to and from the couple were very nice.

The Reception
Reception Pictures These are some of the funniest pictures of the wedding. I love the expressions on peoples faces. Someone spilled on their shirt, and Todd looks like he is about to pass gas..
More Revelers This is a classic. Check out Doug, Teddy, Dave, and Jim. Hilarious.
Revelers Get Down, Get Down...Several times during the night, people got in a large circle locked arms sang and swayed back and forth.
More singing.."And my hand's were clenched in fists of rage!!