Joe and Amy's Wedding

The Participants The Surroundings The Music The Rings The Cake The Reception

This page is a tribute to the marriage of Joseph Dunphy, and Amy Dunphy (Brown). They had a beautiful marriage ceremoney at Belhurst Castle in Geneva on Seneca Lake on Friday July thirteenth 2001. The weather cooperated for the entire outdoor event, although it threatened rain a couple times. The birds were chirping, and people felt good! I have been in contact with Joe recently, and he and his blushing bride have just returned saftely from two weeks of bliss in the beautiful Hawiian Islands. The Dunphy's also have big news. They are moving to Long Island on October 1st. I wish them well, and hope they and others enjoy this page.

This little movie about sum's up Joe's mood and feelings throughout the two days. Happy as a bug in a rug.
This little movie about sum's up Amy's mood and feelings throughout the two days. I have just won the lottery!
Parents will Now that Amy had announced her intention to be married to Joe, it was time for the parents to agree that they would support them in their marriage.
Everyone will Joe and Amy's parents will support the marriage, how about the rest of us? - Of course we will!!!
Since Everyone approved it was time for the kiss..........
I now introduce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francis Dunphy. YEA!!!!!!
Emotions were running so high even people who we didn't know were excited.
This is a part of one of the shots that the photographer had everyone line up for. I heard a rumor that the Photographer had to be told to take more pictures at the end of the night, because he was dancing, and hitting on women too much.
One of the shots of the new bride and groom in the tower of the castle. The castle was incredible, the outside was made of stone, and covered with vines. They even had peacocks that they occaisonally would release for events.
The happy couple dancing. This was to Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic." They both totally look goo goo eyed for each other.
I always cry at weddings. Joe and Amy's wedding was very emotional for a lot of people. This is quite evident in this picture.
This picture of a ghost goes well with the Halloween theme. The wedding evoked other emotions in other people. Here is an example of that.
Still other emotions were evoked in some of the attendees... I wonder if these two are next to tie the knot?
Picture of the Women Brown The bond of friendship and family is very strong here.
Wow That's all I have to say about this picture.
"Black socks are the only thing not included with the Tuxedo rental Ryan." So, I grabbed the only pair of black socks I had in my drawer.
Some people couldn't help but keep connected to the office.
Chicken is that what you had for dinner?
Dave H. and his Date. Dave, how much taller is she than you?