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Sound is an important part of my life. On many occasions, a song, program on the radio, or a nice word or statement from someone has totally put me in a great mood. Or has accentuated the mood I am in. - I'm sure it's happened to most of you. Your driving along, and a song comes on that reminds you of a particular time in your life, and you get a little nostalgic for that time. Then for the rest of the day you annoy your co-workers as "Tragedy" jingles through your head... I decided that I would include an audio portion to the web site, primarily to share with you the songs that I have been listening to along the way.

This section could also be entitled "A tribute to Lee"... This, is because my friend Lee Davenport, the one I visited in Madison, not only is the best person in the world to share a meal with because she knows so much about food and preparing it, but has impeccable taste in music. Most of the songs I have included on this page, Lee introduced me to. - Thanks Lee, you Rock!

Pink Floyd, like many bands was ahead of their time. It is a true testimate to their music that it is still popular now. Although I have been listening to them since High School, I had up until the day of my departure, not heard the song "Fearless", of Meddle. I am so glad I happened to be listening to WBER at the time, and they actually named the song after it had been played. Because it totally typified my mood at the time, and gave me chills thinking I would be gone for the next 4 months. - I only heard it again, when I returned and downloaded it on the internet.

Perfect Moment's are rare, and I can truly say that at 3:46PM on June 13th, turning left off Norton Street onto 590 South, at the start of a long journey, listening to "Fearless" on a bright sunny summer day, I had one.

Son Volt The first time I heard this song, I was visiting Lee. After it was over, I said "Play it again, Play it again." - And, I NEVER do that. I listened to it I don't know how many times since then, and it is a total road trip song. A little while later, I decided it was going to be the theme song of this trip.
Magnetic Fields (69 Love Songs) is an incredible album, and perhaps one of the most addicting groups I have ever had the privledge of listening to. There catchy tunes, clear lyrics, and their mix of genre's make them one of my new favorites.

Lucinda Williams This is the concert that Lee and I went to see in Madison. My favorite catchy tune that she has is "Car Wheels on a gravel road." Of course, I thought she was saying "Cart Wheels on a gravel road." - I think I like mine better.

I really thought Slick Rick was cool back in the 80's when I was into breakdancing. He is of course a Rapper, who had a lot of cool lyrics, wasn't afraid to use profanity, and rapped about cultural issues as well as funny stuff. - When I was in Juneau hanging out with this girl named Margaret, I was completely surprised to see this cd in her collection. This song is hilarious, and very vulgar. Of course I am going to put Johnny Cash on here. Johnny Cash is awesome. That's all there is to say. Awesome. Number 177 baby. I sang this song to a little hottie in Fairbanks on Karaoke Night for a kiss. (I didn't really, but I SO should have...) Van Morrison is perhaps one of my favorite artists. I first listened to his greatest hits Album in High School, and then got into some of his live stuff. Into the Mystic is one of my favorite songs from him. Split Lip Rayfield is a fun, fast Blue Grass Band, that I saw in Fairbanks, AK. They are from Wichitaw Kansas. 6 Pack is one of their songs. The chorus has a line in it that goes "I'll get over you, one 6 pack at a time". Funny. (This is a live video, and recording which is about 10MB, so be prepared for a long download.) Hank Williams Sr. is a legend in the world of country music. As I get older, my tastes have become more and more diverse. - I will admit, much to the chagrin to my housemate, that I do listen to certain country songs once in a while. I am not really a huge fan of modern country, but the old stuff like this is just Awesome! - It's amazing how much more a song means when you can hear the words. I heard this song the first time in a long while listening to SHON FM in Whitehorse. Believe it or not, it brought tears to my eyes. This little mpg does it every time too. The Jarmels are so much fun, it's not even funny. I first heard their famous song, "A little bit of Soap", when I was at Marges Lakeside Inn (110). And, it spoke to me so much, I did a little dance that I haven't been able to repeat since. Kind of a shake side to side, but follow the hips and shoulders with it. Ask Reggie, Pete, and Jen about it. I am still trying to remember. See if you can get it when you listen to the song.