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  1. Speed / Time / Distance
    • I left on June 13th at 4:41PM Eastern Time, and returned on September 13th at 3:51AM Eastern Time.
    • The total time I was on the trip was: [140 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes] or [1691 hours, 10 minutes] or [100810 minutes].
    • I traveled at an average rate of: ~ [0.15724630 miles per minute] or ~ [9.43477829 miles per hour] or ~ [113.21733954 miles per day].

  2. Milage / Area
    • When I left, the car had 92901 Miles on it, it returned with 108753 Miles. I put 15852 miles on the vehicle.
    • I traveled in 18 States and provinces, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, British Colombia, Alaska, The Yukon Territories, Alberta, and Saskatewan.
    • I traveled in North Dakota, Idaho, and Saskatewan once; New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Alaska, The Yukon Territories, and Alberta twice; and in and out of British Colombia five times.
    • Due to that, I averaged ~ [440.33333333] miles in the states I was in once, ~ [880.66666667] miles in the states I was in twice, and ~ [2201.66666667] miles in British Colombia, the province I was in five times.

  3. Automobile
    • On the road, I got my oil changed five times (I think) at an average of 3170.4 miles per change. I got it changed in Cody, Wyoming; Seattle, WA; Fairbanks, AK; Anchorage, AK; and Moose Jaw, SK.
    • I had three flat tires and got three chips in my windshield. Averaging it out would give me one flat and one windshield chip every 5284 miles. However, these incidents all occured in the three days and ~ 1000 miles I traveled on the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Deadhorse and back.

  4. Sleeping Habits / Places Stayed
    • I grouped the places I stayed into six catagories. A = in my Car, B = on a boat or a ship, C = in a tent in a campsite, F = with a host / friend, H = in a Hotel / Hostel, O = Other. Of the 140 nights that I was on holiday, the distribution is as follows: A=56, F=50, C=14, H=10, B=5, O=5.
    • This means I stayed in my car 40% of the time, with friends ~ 35.7% of the time, in campsites 10% of the time, in Hostels / Hotels ~ 7.1% of the time, and on Boats / Ships and in other places ~ 3.6% of the time each. This means I stayed 84 nights, or 60% of the time in places other than my car.
    • The top 10 lengths of places I stayed in the same place are as follows: I stayed the most nights (56) in my car, 11 nights at Heather Henrick's, 10 night's at Danielle Cox's, 9 nights at Carlos Lozano's, 5 nights at Lee Davenport's, 4 nights at Kristen Finewood's, and Devora Eisenberg's, and 3 nights at the Spenard Hostel. I stayed two nights at 7 different places, including Joe + Amy's, Katie Hickie's, The Devil's Tower Lodge, in my own bed in Rochester, the Geneva Ramada Inn, Margaret's, and the Whitehorse Hostel.
    • If I stayed in my car, I usually only stayed one night in a particular place, so I treated the nights I stayed in my car as non-consecutive single nights. In other cases, the time I spent at a place may not have been consecutive. The average duration of a stay at a place was: ~ 1.489 nights. If you throw out the 56 nights I stayed in the car it's a more reasonable: ~3.684 nights. The median and mode in each case is 1.
    • I slept with someone else on 14 of the 140 nights. Of those 14 nights, I was intimate with a person on 9 nights, for average of ~ 6.43%, or every ~15.5 nights.
    • Of the 14 nights I slept in my tent, It was below freezing on 5 of them, and snowed on 2 of them. Of the 10 Hotels / Hostels, 8 nights were spent in hostels, and two in a hotel. The "Other" category consisted of 2 nights a rock gym at Devil's Tower Lodge, 1 night at "Muir Camp" in a shack on Mt. Rainier, and 2 nights in my own bed in Rochester, where I was when I came home for Joe and Amy's wedding. Of the 5 nights spent on Boats / Ships, 4 were spent on Ferries going from one port to the next, and one was spent in the Owyhee. Which was a sailboat owned by Judy Hall in Haines Alaska.
    • Of the 14 nights I spent camping, I spent 6 nights in undeveloped or semi-developed sites in the "backcountry", 5 nights in "drive up" campgrounds in the "frontcountry", and the remaining 3 in relatively secluded sites that required a short > 1 mile walk to. I spent one night sleeping under the stars in my sleeping bag. I spent one night on a Glacier, I built a fire on two nights.
    • Of the 28 nights I spent in places that were in close proximity to other people, I was kept awake by peoples snoring or drunk arguments on 6 nights. Two of those were on Ferries, two were in Hostels, one was in the shack at Muir Camp on Mt. Rainier, and the last was at the Campground in Spokane, WA.

  5. Journal's
    • I published 14 different journal summaries. The shortest was September 21st - 28th at 4487 words. The longest was August 7th - 22nd at 25,552 words. The total number of summary words were 159,705. That's an average of 11,407.5 words per journal summary. I entered approximately ~ 1140.75 words in my journal per night.

  6. Miscellaneous
    • I made new friends with more people I can remember, but I still keep in touch with 7 or 8 of them.
    • I would say that I was in an average mood 40% of the time, a mostly positive mood 40% of the time, a great mood 10% of the time, a worrisome mood 7% of the time, and a very bad mood 3% of the time. Which means I had good endorphins going 50% of the time, or 70 days.

  7. Yahoo Polls
    • Question
      What is the real reason Ryan is going to Alaska?
      Choices Votes % 5 replies
      Climb Mt. McKinley 0 0.00%
      Climb a ranger lookout tower for a view of Mt. McKinley 0 0.00%
      Be the first to bike through Denali Park 0 0.00%
      Buy Alaska travel video from natives to put on his Web site 1 20.00%
      Because it's there 4 80.00%
      -My Answer: Because it's there.

    • Question
      Of all the wild animals Ryan is going to come across, which one do you thing will have the greatest chance of devouring him.
      Choices Votes % 5 replies
      a Cougar 0 0.00%
      a Ground Hog 1 20.00%
      a Bald Eagle 0 0.00%
      Godzilla 3 60.00%
      a Bear 1 20.00%
      -My Answer: A bear.

    • Question
      What are the most likely unplanned things Ryan will regret happening while on his most-awesome journey of discovery?
      Choices Votes % 15 replies
      The Subaru will have 50 miles of fuel in its tank, while the nearest gas station is 60 miles away. 4 26.67%
      An obscure cult commune will lure Ryan into staying "a little while longer". 1 6.67%
      Anarchy breaks out in the 'foreversummer' Group, and everyone starts spamming each other. 0 0.00%
      Ryan will take part in what he thinks is a Native American ceremonial marriage, later to find out it is recognized as legitimate by the State. 1 6.67%
      A near-hit lightning bolt will fry all Ryan's technogear with an electromagnetic pulse. 4 26.67%
      He will get a cash-only-or-jail speeding ticket >$100. 1 6.67%
      While chilling out in jail, the "suspicious looking" out-of-state Subaru will be thoroughly searched. An illicit substance will be found. 1 6.67%
      Ryan will end his journey still being as clueless as the rest of us about the best direction to head in Life. 3 20.00%
      -My Answer: I have no regrets.

    • Question
      OK, My target departure time was 1:00PM EST, on June 13th. What time did I leave Bay Village for my first stop in Ohio? Those of you with inside information (Brian, Doug, Joe) No cheating.
      Choices Votes % 10 replies
      1:18PM EST June 13th 0 0.00%
      3:04PM EST June 13th 0 0.00%
      4:41PM EST June 13th 3 30.00%
      6:20PM EST June 13th 0 0.00%
      8:19PM EST June 13th 0 0.00%
      1:05AM EST June 14th 2 20.00%
      I haven't left yet. 5 50.00%
      -My Answer: 4:41PM Eastern June 13th.

    • Question
      I thought that my trip in 1997 would take "A couple Months." - It turned out that I was gone for five. Given that my plan this time is to take four months, of which I have been gone approximately one, how long do you think the total trip will take?
      Choices Votes % 7 replies
      Three Months 0 0.00%
      Four Months 3 42.86%
      Five Months 1 14.29%
      Longer than six months 2 28.57%
      Permanant residence change. 1 14.29%
      -My Answer: Four Months.

    • Question
      Ryan Will never return from Alaska.
      Choices Votes % 16 replies
      He will return 11 68.75%
      He will never return 5 31.25%
      -My Answer: I have returned.

    • Question
      Three people have told me that they think I am going to find my wife on this trip. -- What do you think?
      Choices Votes % 23 replies
      Ryan will meet his wife on the trip. 3 13.04%
      Ryan won't meet his wife on the trip. 6 26.09%
      Ryan will bring back his wife. 1 4.35%
      Ryan will have a romantic encounter on this trip. 6 26.09%
      Ryan will have a romantic encounter with someone other than himself on this trip. 7 30.43%
      -My Answer: The Jury is still out. ;)