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These are the pictures. Occaisonally, I have included pics with audio, or little movies; these take a little longer to download. You can tell which are which if you mouseover the link. The ones with audio, or video have the .mpg extension. Others are mostly smaller resolution (640x480) shots, with some selected larger pics. Sometimes I shrunk down, or cropped pics with the very useful IrfanView, a free non-commercial use Graphics Viewer. I also used it to create all the thumbnails.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Driving West Part 2 - Taking the Ferries North
  1. Ohio
  2. Chicago
  3. Madison
  4. Sparta
  5. South Dakota
  6. Souix Falls
  7. Mitchell
  8. Badlands, N.P.
  9. Sturgis, S.D.
  10. Wall Drug
  11. Devils Tower
  12. Cody, WY
  13. Yellowstone, N.P.
  14. On the Road to Libby
  15. Libby, MT and Glacier, N.P.
  16. Idaho Panhandle N.F.
  17. Coeur D'Alene on the 4th
  18. Washington State, Spokane...
  19. Moses Lake
  20. Approach to Rainier and Training Day
  21. Mt. Raininer Climb
  22. Kitsch + Tacoma Blues Festival
  23. Around Seattle + The Public Market
  24. Boeing Museum of Flight
  25. North Cascades N.P., Sahale Glacier
  26. Flying back to Rochester
  27. Joe and Amy's wedding
  1. Canada, Vancouver
  2. Canada, Victoria
  3. Canada, Vancouver Island.
  4. Canada, Prince Rupert + Terrace.
  5. Alaska, Ketchikan.
  6. Alaska, Wrangell.
  7. Alaska, Petersburg.
  8. Alaska, Sitka.
  9. Alaska, Hoonah
  10. Alaska, Juneau
  11. Alaska, Haines
Part 3 - The Interior
  1. Alaska, Fairbanks
  2. Alaska, Dalton
  3. Alaska, Denali National Park
  4. Alaska, Talkeetna
  5. Alaska, Anchorage
  6. Alaska, Homer
  7. Alaska, Seward
  8. Alaska, Whittier
Part 4 - Returning Home through Canada
  1. Alaska, Glenallen
  2. Alaska, Chicken
  3. Canada, Yukon, Dawson City
  4. Canada, Yukon, Whitehorse
  5. Canada, Alcan, Cassiar, and Yellowhead
  6. Canada, Jasper and Banff
  7. Canada, Exploring Calgary
  8. Canada, Kootenay National Park

  1. Ohio

  2. Chicago

  3. Madison

  4. Sparta

  5. South Dakota

    I really enjoyed this rest area. Everything was clean and nice. - I stretched and meditated a little on the grass prior to getting back in the car and driving.

  6. Souix Falls

    I was enjoying the day, and decided to stop in Souix Falls, to gas up, and check it out. They had a nice park, and the cashier in the Food Store complained about how busy the city of Souix Falls was.

  7. Mitchell

    This was at a rest area prior to crossing the Missouri River, I thought the sign was amusing.

  8. Badlands

    This was Badlands, N.P. - I hope you don't notice the smudge on most of these pics, I had something on my camera lense on the left side of the pic near the middle, about 2/3 the way down the photo. - I can tell at the higher resolutions... Badlands was amazing.

  9. Sturgis

  10. Wall Drug

    The Wall Drug Store has signs all across the state of South Dakota. I was bored, and started trying to take pictures of them while I was driving along. I got about 25 total, and probably missed another 50. The drug store was enormous. It had a restaraunt, drug store, chappel, jackalope, museums, tourist crap, and a tyranasaurous rex. - After the experience, I don't recommend trying to take pictures at 80MPH while driving in traffic on the interstate.

  11. Devils Tower

    The Devils Tower Climb was quite cool. There were about 12 pitches total. The Rock was 100+ on top, because it was baking in the sun all day long. I climbed with a guide from Devils Tower Lodge, another customer, and Jaap Pierse from Holland.

  12. Cody Wyoming

    These are from my drive into Cody from the East, a miscellaneous sign or two, and several from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming

  13. Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone is amazing. One could spend weeks in the park, and still be want for time to see things. Unfortunately, I did notice the tourists much more this time when I visited. There was a LOT of them! The landscape had changed a lot since I had been there in 1997. Mammoth Hot springs looked totally different. This is from normal calcite buildup underground. Sometimes up to 6 in. per year can be generated. This causes some holes to be plugged, and the pressure to drain elsewhere. The barren trees that are visible are from the huge forest fires back in the 80's. Here is a Map of the park for you to check out the different areas.

  14. On the Way to Libby, MT

    These are some miscellaneous shots. First is the sign indicating no camping on a national forest outside of Missoula, second is a shot of all the dead bugs I washed off after driving on I90 from Yellowstone (It was almost rain they hit so often), third is of my Poison Ivy that I got in Yellowstone

  15. Libby + Glacier, N.P.

    These are pictures from various things I did in Libby. The "Red Dog" is a local bar that has great pizza, Shots the Skyline Trail in Glacier N.P., shots of Kootenai Falls, and of "The Yaak".

  16. Idaho Panhandle National Forest

    The Idaho Panhandle National Forest. This is the approach to Coeur D'Alene driving across the panhandle, and the Moyie River. Right before the 4th of July.

  17. Coeur D'Alene on the 4th.

    I spent the 4th of July in Coeur D'Alene. I almost missed it, it was a great beach, wonderful people, and a relaxing atmosphere.

  18. Spokane, WA Park

    This is a Park in Downtown Spokane. It was originally built for a worlds fair back in 1972 or something. I don't remember the name of the park, but it was nice. Spokane was very economically depressed, and I didn't get a super good feel from the place. A lot of folks seem to be like they were from the Darien lake Area.

  19. Moses Lake, on the way west from Spokane.

    This was an oasis in the middle of the desert that was Eastern Central Washington. Flat, but this rest stop was wonderful. I spent a lot of time here stretching, and watching the trees.

  20. Approach to Rainier + Training Day.

    This is driving into Mt. Rainier National Park from the East near Yakima. I camped out on the outskirts of the National park, in the Wenatchee National Forest. The drive in the next day was amazing, as well as the drive in that night.

  21. Mt. Rainier Climb

    I climbed with the R.M.I. Guide Service. The climb was amazing, but our guide was a jerk. Very arrogant and cocky. Left at 10:00AM on day one. Arrived at Muir Camp around 4:00PM, dinner + briefing, then lights out @ 7:00PM. Woke up at 11:30PM, then hiked to the summit. Summited around 6:30AM, then hiked back to Muir, then back to Paradise. Arrived at Base Camp 5:00PM. - Very Long couple Days.

  22. Kitschy roadside museum West of Rainier, + Tacoma "Old Time" Blues Fest.

    This little roadside "Art Gallery" as it was billed had all sorts of Iron sculptures. The artist was there working in his large garage. The Tacoma Blues Festival was awesome. Some incredible music was played, and for about an hour or so, I watched and laughed at the Angel I saw dancing.

  23. The Seattle Public market, and various other shots.

    Heather's Hood, 20's Party, Downtown Seattle, Public Market, Pigs, Profalactics, Women, Flying Fish, Thurston Howell's Haunt, Gas Works, Swimming Cameras, and perhaps the largest outdoor store in the US.

  24. Boeing Museum of Flight

    This is the Boeing Museum of Flight. Several cool exhbits, and probably the coolest tour guide in the world.

  25. North Cascades National Park

    I hiked up to the Shahale Glacier in North Cascades National park. It was quite rigorous, and I got some super blisters on my feet. Boots are still getting worn in. Views were breathtaking, and so was the cold wind. Last 500 yards is nearly verticle scree that I ascended with my sandles. It took a long while.

  26. Pictures of Rochester

    This is from the flight I took back to Rochester, and the weekend I spent there for Joe and Amy's wedding. I also spent some time with some other friends, as you will see.

  27. Joe and Amy's Wedding

    Since I had so many pics of Joe and Amy's wedding, I made a site just for them.

  28. Canada, Vancouver

    I took a day trip to Vancouver, while I was staying in Seattle. Then, again I went through there, on my way to Victoria, Vancouver Island, and eventually Port Hardy..

  29. Canada, Vancouver Island, Victoria

    The capitol of British Colombia. Victoria was a quaint little port town. It wasn't too touristy, and wasn't too dull. I met a couple people on the Ferry over, gave them a ride to the Hostel, and hung out with them a little. They weren't really my crowd.

  30. Canada, Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, Naniamo, Qualicum Beach, Campbell River, Port Hardy

    My time traveling up Vancouver Island was limited. I did the worldwind tour of the Island, and made it from the bottom to the top in like two days. Salt Spring Island is a neat little "hippy town", that I was almost stranded on. Naniamo is one of the two largest cities on Vancouver Island. I enjoyed walking on the boardwalks, and through the parks in the city. I would have liked to have more time here. Qualicum Beach was a nice small beach community. Campbell River had a lot of wood carvings along the shore. I didn't have time to take picture of too many of them. Port Hardy was my launching point to Prince Rupert. I got there late, and it was raining. I didn't have too much time to spend in the town. The entire Island is VERY laid back. An acceptable, and often used mode of transportation is Hitchhiking. I picked up a couple students and drove them for about 30 minutes. I packed a lot of site seeing and tourism into those days. Here is the result...

  31. Canada, Prince Rupert + Terrace

    Prince Rupert was the closest port to Alaska in Canada. It rained the majority of the time I was there, but I had a nice couple days doing touristy things, and checking out the "Harbor Festival" in nearby Terrace. From Port Hardy, you could drive up to Alaska. This was the last port from the south until Haines, that one could do this. The pictures of Cow Bay, are from Prince Rupert, most of the others are from Terrace's festival.

  32. Alaska, Ketchikan

    Ketchikan was my first port in Alaska. I got off the ferry from Prince Rupert at around 12:30AM, found a spot to park and went to bed. The next morning I was super psyched to be in Alaska. I thought to myself "I'm in Alaska!!!". Then I drove into town. When I saw how overrun the town was with tourists I thought in horror "GET ME OUT OF ALASKA!!!" I did find a couple redeming qualities about the town, but my first images of "The Last Frontier" will forever be tainted.

  33. Alaska, Wrangell. Otherwise known as the Teddy Bear Picnic.

    Everything that was touristy and made me wince in Ketchikan was pristine and wholesome in Wrangell. People in other cars waved at me when they drove by. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my car, like my door was open, or I had a flat, but they were just being friendly. - It was much closer to what I thought Alaska was going to be like. The bear shots were from the Anan Bears Observatory. Salmon spawning upstream get caught in pools, which serve as nice platters for the many bears that feed there.

  34. Alaska, Petersburg.

    Petersburg was incredible. Similar to Wrangell, but a little bigger. I didn't really spend that much time in town. In fact, I got into town, and left to go camping for two days. Then, I came back, and left. I had a great time!

  35. Alaska, Sitka.

    Sitka was beautiful. I wish I had more time there. I had my choice of either spending a day and 1/2, or spending 4 days. I opted for the day and 1/2. I could have used three, just to go Kayaking.

  36. Alaska, Hoonah.

    Hoonah was one of two very small ports that we stopped at on the way to Juneau. We were in port for about 45 minutes. I got my bike together, and took a ride into town to shoot a couple pictures. The town was depressed and kind of dismal. One of the few good things about tourism is that it generates revenue for these tiny ports in Southeast that have been hit hard with the decline of the logging and fishing industries. Hoonah represents what happens when there is no significant tourist draw to a town.

  37. Alaska, Juneau.

    Juneau was inundated by tourists as much as Ketchikan was, but, it had the infrastructure to support it. Since Juneau is the State Capitol, there are many shops and businesses in town. The library has an incredible view of the mountains which rise right up from the edge of town. I also used Juneau as a starting off point for my trip to Gustavus and Glacier Bay National park. Juneau also has the ever popular Mendenhall glacier.

  38. Alaska, Haines.

    Haines I think was the most beautiful of the ports I visited in Southeast Alaska. It wasn't overrun with tourists, was very quaint, and the views from town wwere spectacular. It was the first place I saw on my trip where I would actually consider living. Of course, there are no jobs for a computer geek like myself. I suppose that I could become a hermit and live in a cabin with no running water. Hmm... This is also the town that I was shipwrecked in. Read the journal for the story.

  39. Alaska, Fairbanks.

    I spent quite a while in Fairbanks. Much of the time was at the Residence of Danielle Cox. I used Fairbanks as my base for my trip to Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse. The drive to Fairbanks from Haines was quite an adventure. I met some great friends of Danielle + Sonya's in Fairbanks, and went to some great pubs too.

  40. Alaska, The Dalton Highway, a.k.a. "The Haul Road".

    Since I was in Alaska, I had to go up to Deadhorse, and Prudhoe Bay. I returned to Fairbanks after about 1000 miles, a swim in the Arctic Ocean, three flat tires, three chips in my windshield, tons of dust and dirt, a very weary man. I wouldn't do it again with my own car.

  41. Alaska, Denali National Park and Preserve.

    I spent four days hiking in Denali National Park. I left exhausted, with blisters on my heals the sizes of baseballs, with some incredible memories, and a grin a mile wide. - While I was in the park, I was also fortunate enough to get some great pictures of Mt. McKinley. I hiked across three "Zones". Zone 6, 7, and 8 each offered unique challanges and beauty. The total 3 day hike was about 20 miles. Not much, until you consider that there are no trails, and for a large portion of it I was bushwacking.

  42. Alaska, Talkeetna

    Talkeetna Alaska is the "Base Camp" for summit attempts on Denali, and the surrounding peaks. The nice sticker I have on my car gives one a good sense of what it's like in Talkeetna. The sticker reads "Talkeetna, Alaska. A quaint little drinking town with a climbing problem." I also was in Talkeetna during September 11th. I decided not to include the long video I took of the recap on CNN. I'm sure you have all seen it at least a dozen times. Some of the pictures were also along the road from Denali Park heading south towards Anchorage.

  43. Alaska, Anchorage

    I did a lot in Anchorage. The first couple days I stayed in some Hostels, and met some Guys, who were stuck in town because of the lack of flights. We hiked up flattop mountain, and went to the Anchorage Market while we were at the Hostel. I also took a few days and went down the Kenai Peninsula to see Homer, Seward, and Whittier. I intended to do some Sea Kayaking, but the weather wasn't too hot for it. - Next Time.

  44. Alaska, Homer

    I took three or four days, and drove down the Kenai Peninsula from Anchorage. I stopped in Homer, Seward, Portage, and Whittier along the way. It was a quick little tour, but it was fun nonetheless. Homer had the famous "Homer Spit", which was a long stretch of land that extended into Cook Inlet. There were also some interesting secluded Russian Villages. Where all the people wore clothing from 50 years ago in Russia. They all spoke Russian, and they definitely didn't likevisitors from the outside.

  45. Alaska, Seward

    Seward had the Alaska Sealife Aquarium. I spent the better part of a day exploring that. It was also close to "Exit Glacier", which I liked the best of the Glaciers I was allowed to walk up to. Reason being, that it was so late in the Season, that there were few people, and my experience was nicer.

  46. Alaska, Whittier

    I drove to Whittier via Portage and the recently completed Whittier Tunnel. I had intended on taking a multi day kayaking trip in the Kenai peninsula. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and I had to bail on the trip. Going to Whittier was like crossing a portal into another world. It used to be an old military base, and there was all sorts of relics from that time period. Including the odd, out of place, high - rise apartment complex that dominated the skyline.

  47. Alaska, Glenallen

    I had mixed feelings departing Anchorage and the interior of Alaska. I made a lot of friends, and was tempted to stay on several occasions. However, my heart was back in New York City. It was starting to freeze at night when I left, and since I knew I was going to be spending several of the coming nights in my car, I was anxious to be home. I drove from Anchorage to Glenallen, Tok, Chicken and entered the Yukon in one day. It was an amazing, beautiful, and melencholy experience.

  48. Alaska, Chicken

    Unfortunately, I only got to see Chicken at night. But, it was quaint and interesting nonetheless. Chicken is a tiny little community run by a married couple. It supplies fuel, food, and alcohol to travlers going along the "Top of the World Highway" from the Tetlin Junction in Alaska to Dawson City in the Yukon. The pictures of the different buildings, are actually all one building. If you need assistance in one that one of the couple isn't in, they will walk 10 feet to whatever shop it is, and help you out.

    I had one of the most amazing experiences on this road. In the west, the Sun was setting, in the east the moon was rising, and to the North I saw the Aurora Borealis. For about 45 minutes, I just turned in circles watching.

  49. Canada, Yukon, Dawson City

    The border between Alaska and the Yukon on the "Top of the World Highway" was unmanned when I got there. So, I had to take down a number, and call the immigration office when I arrived in Dawson City. The tourist information building was actually just a false storefront with a shelter and information about the town on the other side. In town, the tourist information center had closed the day before I arrived. It was cold and very sunny when I was there. I imagine it would have been nice in the Summer. A friend of mine whom I met in Whitehorse called it "Sin City".

  50. Canada, Yukon, Whitehorse

    I fell in love with three of the most beautiful, sexy, intriguing women, and stayed in the best hostel on my trip in Whitehorse. The hostel's name was Hyde on Jeckell, which was clever since it resides on Jeckell Street. Whitehorse is the Capitol of the Yukon, and has a rich diverse culture of First Nations folks. I originally went there to vist Narelle, an Aussie, whom I met on the Ferry from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan. She, as well as Anibell from Quebec, who also worked at the Hostel, and another Aussie named Michelle who was staying in Whitehorse, were the three women whom I was ga-ga for. There are pics of all of them on the friends page. - I also saw the most brilliantly lit Northern Lights of my entire trip in Whitehorse. What a great time!

  51. Canada, The Alcan to The Cassiar to the Yellowhead

    Near Watson Lake in the Yukon, I decided turn off the Alcan, and head south on the Stewart Cassiar Highway. It turned out to be one of the most scenic, secluded drives on my entire trip. Along the way; I feared for my life as I stopped to check on an unconcious person on the side of the road, missed a gas station and thought I was going to have to ride my bike to the next one, and saw at least 5 different bears.

  52. Canada, Jasper and Banff

    Jasper and Banff are the crown jewels of the Canadian National Park System. These two parks are also very commercialized by the resort towns of the same name that reside in each of them; Banff being much worse. Jasper and Banff reside on the western edge of Alberta. The two parks are so big, that they overshadow the four other National Parks that are directly across the border in British Colombia. Those being Yoho, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke, and Glacier National Parks. I spent a couple days in and around the town of Jasper exploring, and then drove through the park to Banff stopping at dozens of beautiful sites along the way. I picked up a swiss hitchhiker at the southern end of Banff, drove with him to the town proper. After seeing how touristy the town was we decided to head to Calgary.

  53. Canada, Calgary

    I came to spend some time in Calgary by chance. I stayed in the Calgary Hostel because I dropped a Swiss Hitchiker there, and thought it would be fun to meet people. There I met Jo, who I ended up spending the day with touring around town. - I liked her so much, that I decided to go back towards Banff, and go hiking with her in the Kootenay N.P..

  54. Canada, Kootenay N.P.

    After meeting Jo in Calgary, we decided to go back towards Banff to go hiking in the Kootenay National Park. We camped out one night in Banff, hiked in Kootenay for two days, then back to the Hostel in Banff.