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These are pictures of my wonderful hosts. I owe such an incredible debt to these people. They have in all cases taken me in, and let me use whatever facilities they have. The showers were especially nice when I was without for 5 days or so. Each of them are great friends, and are welcome to come stay with me for however long they wish. - This is of course when I have a permanent residence. ;)

Joe + Amy Katie Lee Kristen+Sarah Heather Cooper
Devora Margaret Judy Danielle Carlos Perry

Joe and Amy are newlyweds, and have recently returned from a relaxing honeymoon in Hawaii. I went to High School with Joe, and used to live with him in Rochester. Joe and Amy were meant for each other, and I am glad each of them found the other. I did a wedding site for them here. My favorite thing I did with them was drink frozen Margarita, Swing from a hammock, and help Joe cook his Yummy grilled chicken and vegetable meal.

Katie works for my former employer, which is how we met. She is a exceptional person, very smart and fun to talk with. Her excellent taste in interior design is evident when one goes on a tour of her apartment. She has a lot of patience too, because I'm sure I was getting annoying when I spent the entire day calling places in Chicago looking for my Thule Rack. My favorite things I did with her were pick up my Thule Rack at R.E.I., and go to a Chicago Cubs game.

Lee is an incredible person. We went to the same High School together. She is my favorite person in the world to share a meal with. She knows so much about food and preparing it. When you share a meal with Lee, any question you have for her about how your food was prepared, the sauce you are eating, or the herbs / spices that were used, and most anything else, she knows the answer. I was proud to be inducted as an honorary member of her "Food Lovers Club" of which I know only three members. Lee also has impeccable taste in Music. My favorite things to do with Lee were to eat at L'etoile, and go strawberry picking at Blue Skies Berry Farm

I used to live with a guy in Rochester, who was dating a close friend of Kristen. Since then, I don't think I have met a nicer, more happy person than her. She is a joy to be around, her always positive mood is totally infectious. Kristen works at a nursing home in Libby, MT now, and is planning on moving to Park City, UT in the Fall. The Kristen I knew in Rochester, is not the Kristen who I hung out with in Montana. Kristen has totally become an outdoors Mountain Loving girl. She Mountain Bikes on her Gary Fisher Sugar 1in a Mountain Biking club on Tuesday nights. She hikes, kayaks, and rock climbs too. I was very impressed with Kristen's riding ability. If she raced, I think she would do very well. My favorite things to do with Kristen were to go Hiking on the Skyline Trail in Glacier, N.P. and Mountain Biking on Lindy Peak.

Heather is one of the most highly motivated, ambitious, and fearless people I know. I also went to High School with Heather, and have been staying with her since I got back to Seattle from Joe and Amy's wedding. (That's how I have been able to update this site so much.) Heather's list of accomplishments include: moving to Seattle alone and not knowing a soul, traveling to all sorts of exotic places such as Europe and South America, living on a 36' Cal Mark III Sailboat for 8 months, and buying and renovating a "fixer upper" home in the Columbia City neighboorhood of Seattle. My favorite things that I have done with Heather are: Sailing on her friend Steve's sailboat called "Black Hawk", and doing the trim work and some other miscellaneous jobs on her "Den".

Cooper the Cat is very lucky. Heather rescued him from the ASPCA. Cooper was locked up in a basement for a year of his life, and now kind of has a little ongoing cold that kind of keeps him sneezing. However, when he is well, he makes up for the year of being stuck in the basement by pouring all his affection on Heather and all who get near him. Cooper is the most dog like cat that I have met, (all the good things about dogs of course). He comes when you call him, is always happy to see you, and doesn't mind a little rough - housing. Cooper rubs up against everything, and because of a little hip displacement tends to fall over quite often. Cooper was very nice to let me keep him company while I was at Heathers.

Devora and I met in Seattle, and spent quite some time together. Devora is a splendid cook and has her own business doing beadwork that she devotes much of her energy too. She is an enricher of souls during the school year, and enthusiastically teaches younger children English and Health. She has a beautiful yellow house in a Seattle Suburb, which she has amazingly decorated with pictures and treasures from the far East, as well as wonderfully colorful paint that adds to her homes positive energy. We had wonderful conversations, shared meals, enjoyed Citizen Kane, soaked and relaxed in her Hot Tub, hiked, discussed Gerunds and Loved. One of Devora's favorite books is Jon Krakeauer's "Into the Wild". She got me a copy of the book, and I enjoyed it immensely. - It made me want to burn my money, and hike off into the wilderness.

Margaret is perhaps one of the most analytical, and intelligent people I know. We had very interesting conversations about the Middle East conflict, our current president, Tourisim in Alaska, and the environment. She has a great laugh, and likes Mac's. If she ever stops playing Sony's Playstation 2, she will be very successful! :)

I met Judy Hall through some other friends that I met on my way to Haines. Judy was nice enough to take us all on an overnight sailing trip. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the mud, and had to abandon ship. Once we got back to shore, she let us crash in the home of the person she was house sitting for. Judy is a Naturalist, who has written her own book on edible plants of Southeast, Alaska. When we were stranded, we walked around, and looked for plants to eat.

Danielle Cox is a friend of Sonya's in Wisconsin. Sonya put me in touch with her, and happend to be in Fairbanks, when I was there recently. Danielle was gracious enough to let me crash at her place for several days, even though she didn't really know me. Danielle is a manager at Princess Cruises, a company that provides tourism Worldwide. She works very hard, Sunday through Thursday, and spends a lot of time staying in contact with her close friends. Danielle is a caring person, especially for her Niece, whom she loves dearly.

Carlos Lozano is one of the coolest guys I met on my trip. He is a retired Architect, who works at REI for fun. I met him while getting a part for my seat clamp at REI in Anchorage. We talked for a bit, I mentioned where I was staying, and he said "Well, as long as you don't have a criminal record, you can crash at my place". He has a 7 month old sled dog puppy named "Q", who has the most energy of any Dog I have ever met. Carlos is one of the most relaxed mellow people I know. I have gone riding with them, several times since I met him. And, we had a BBQ at Beth and Jeff's the other night. It was a ton of FUN. Thanks a lot Carlos!

Perry is the proprietor of the Prince William Sound Kayak Center in Whittier, Alaska. I came into Whittier at pretty much the end of the Kayak Season, and he was reconditioning some Kayaks for winter storage. I told him I was interested in doing a multi day trip starting tomorrow. We talked about the weather, which he wasn't too enthusiastic about, and aksed me where I was staying. I told him I was going to crash in my car, and he offered to let me stay in the boathouse. I thanked him, and setup my laptop at the picnic table. The boathouse used to be a gymnasium for the military base that once occupied Whittier. He had a bunch of records, and I listened to some Dead while I shot some hoops. - When I was done typing in my journal, I crawled into my sleeping bag on top of the mattress on the floor, but soon realized that it was way too cold in the boathouse. - So, I went back to my car. - Thanks Perry.