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This page is dedicated to people I met along the way who have allowed, or been persuaded by, me to take their picture. Somtimes these were casual encounters, othertimes I spent several days with them. The list is mostly chronological, and doesn't include folks who are on the hosts page.

I did meet some great people coming across the U.S., but I only added this page when I had started heading North up the West Coast. Take a look at the Pics page for pictures of people I met coming across the states.

The first half of these folks I met on the Ferries I took from port to port in Canada, and Southeast Alaska. The second half, I met in the Interior of Alaska and on the way back through Canada.

The Ferries The Interior

I met Christina Brown and Vicki Walters on the first B.C. Ferry that I took from Port Hardy, on the tip of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert in B.C. They are both teachers on Vancouver Island, or as I like to refer to them as "Enrichers of Youth", and were on their way to the Queen Charolette Islands on Holiday. The ride from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert was about 15 hours. A looonnngg ride. The ship was very personable, and comfortable. It rocked and swayed more than the ships on the Alaska Fleet, because it was a little smaller. Christina and Vicki both have great senses of humor, and a good portion of the trip I spent laughing with them. They are also both very smart, and I got some great information about diets, fibro mialgia, and gerund's. A gerund is an "ing". The diet cycles (fruit, carb+carb, no protein+carb) we talked about was called Fit 4 Life. I also noted something about Evening Primrose Oil / Glucosamine.

I met M. Joe Messersmith at the NPR affiliate in Ketchikan, Alaska. Joe was a Broadcast Engineer for Coast Alaska, which is a conglomerate of workers for the NPR affiliates in Southeast Alaska. The NPR Affiliate in Ketchikan is KRBD, and they were one of the saving graces of Ketchikan. I enjoyed talking with Joe, who had a Computer Science background, and enjoyed his job thoroughly. Here is a little movie of his office.

I also was invited by Katrina Greene, a tour guide in Ketchikan, to a nice stir fry dinner, complete with a frosty adult beverage, and some Apple Pie a la mode. It was an incredible meal. Her boyfriend David, who is a commercial fisherman cooked the meal. We were also joined by Pat Garza, a native Tlingit, and Haida. Pat works for the phone company, and gave me the number for a friend of his in Fairbanks. We all enjoyed our dinner, talked about the tourist industry, talked about commercial fishing, and watched "Jeopardy". Kat and David were very bright, and got many of the questions right. Katrina has her own Yoga business, and they both enjoy living in Mexico during the off season.

In Wrangell, I took a tour of the Anan Bears observatory. The tour included a two hour boat ride too and from the observatory. Pictured here, albeit a little windblown, clockwise from the top are my tourmates. Our tour guide, and boat captain was Terry, who carried a .44, and a 12 gauge shotgun with him on the trail up to see the bears. I will forever be in his debt for waking me up at 5:45 to catch my ferry out of town. I was sleeping in my car in the ferry Parking lot. The talker of the group was Bob, who worked for Microsoft. I met up by chance again with him in Juneau, where we shared dinner and a beer. David and Dawn, who were both Attorneys for the Department of Justice. David worked for the Federal Communications Division, and Dawn worked for the Environmental Resources Division. I ejnoyed talking with them, especially because they shared similar views as myself about the environment, and politics. I talked more with all three of the travelers on the Ferry to Petersburg, which we shared. Wrangell, was much more like I thought Alaska would really be like.
I also met "Heidi", A.k.a "The map woman", who I got on tape uttering her battle cry. She is a student, who works in the summer for the USFS at the Anan Bears Observatory in Wrangell. She spends a week in a cabin near the observatory, then a couple days in the bustling town of Wrangell throughout the summer. The clip is hilarious, but I promised her that I wouldn't put it up on the web. If I can find out some way to extract the audio w/o the video I will put that up.

I spent two days camping in Petersburg with Wieke Kerkhoff, who calls herself "The Crazy Bush Woman". I met her by chance in the Visitor Center in Petersburg, and consequently spent most of my time in Petersburg with her. She was traveling through Southeast Alaska, on her way to Toronto, where she will eventually fly home. Vicki, as her friends call her, decided after graduating High School to spend a year teaching in a native village north of the Arctic Circle called Sachs Harbor. She is from Switzerland, speaks French, Dutch, German, and English, and decided to travel 1/2 around the globe to teach English to Native students in this tiny community. She faced incredible adversity during her tenure, especially with an 10 hour time difference from her family. During her time in Sachs Harbor, she was dubbed "Pingunnuk" (sp) by the elders in the community. This is translated "South Wind". We definitely had a great time camping and hiking. The last I heard from her was that she was going to Edmonton to meet her boyfriend whom she met over the School Year, and was then taking a bus to Toronto.

I met Laura and Beth on the Ferry to Sitka. They were both students from Steamboat Colorado. Laura is going to Colorado State, and Beth was going to College in Southern California. We hung out a little on the ferry, and chatted about all sorts of things. Primarily traveling. When we got to Sitka, I drove them into town, where we spent a little time touring some of the sites. We were a little late getting back, and Laura got a little nervous. But we made it safe and sound for them to catch their ferry on to Juneau.
I didn't even meet this guy. He was leaning up against this sign in Hoonah talking with the Purser and waiting for the Ferry to depart for Juneau. This was right after I took the cemetary shot in Hoonah. He let me take his picture. I think it's hilarious.

I also took a picture of Craig and his friend. I shared a meal with Craig in Sitka. He was a Rock Climber also traveling through Southeast. His friend, who is also in the picture worked for the National Forest Service, and was energetic and fun. I think her name might have been Tina...

In the Juneau Hostel, I met Sachi again, whom wanted to share a ride with me for part of my journey. We first met on the Ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. I would have certainly taken her with me, but we never were in the same town at the same time.

I also met the Edghills who own a Bed and Breakfast near Perth, in Austraila. They were a nice couple, and after I took the picture of them, I agreed to send it to their daughter to let her know they were ok. However, the e-mail that they gave me didn't work. Sorry! During their conversation, she mentioned to him to do something he didn't want to and he said "Oh, get STUFFED!". Everyone at the table had a good laugh.

In the Alaskan Brewery I met, and had some fun conversations with one of the tour guides. She was also a bartender at one of the local establishments. Her name was Tracy Balovich, and she convinced me to buy a blue long sleeve Alaskan Brewery Tee Shirt. I am wearing it today, and have worn it for about 6 days in a row now. It will be due for a wash pretty soon.

When I stayed with Margaret, I hung out with her roomate, and her roomates boyfriend. There names were Maya and Scott. Maya and Margaret challanged Scott and I to Trivial Pursuit. They kicked our ass. I have no idea how one retains so much trivial information. I probablly would have hung out a little more, but they all smoked, and it got a little harsh.

I met Abby and Anna on the Ferry to Haines. They were both from NYC, and planning on going to Skagway, then taking a bus to Anchorage to rent a car for the next portion of their journey together. They were talking with Judy Hall, who mentioned that she would take them Sailing in Haines if they were getting off. I said that I could take them to Fairbanks, and they decided to get off in Haines. Little did we know the adventure we were in for. We went Sailing with Judy, and pretty much got shipwrecked. (See more pics here.)To pass the time while were stuck on land waiting for the tide to come back in, the girls from the city sang their blues away. They were quite talanted. Upon our return from the sailing fiasco, we all went out to lunch at the Fireweed the next day, and Anna showed us her incredible talent.

On my way from Haines for Fairbanks, I met a woman cyclist who was riding her bike from Minneapolis to Anchorage. She was from Czechoslovakia, and had just finished her Masters Degree in linguistics, and spoke fluent spanish. She had a wonderful smile, which we shared together. We exchanged e-mail with the intent on getting together in Anchorage, but it didn't happen.
When I was in North Pole, AK. Yes, a town called North Pole... I of course met Santa Claus. He gave me his card. His name was actually Nicholas something.

In Fairbanks, I stayed with Danielle. She was Sonya's friend, whom I met when I was in Madison, WI. Danielle had a Dinner Party that she invited me to. There I met her friends Missy and Kelly, who have a fondness of reading newspapers in bars. I also met Josh, who was a very unique, even odd individual, and Landen, who was a geologist. Here's a picture of Landen and Danielle changing a lightbulb. We had a great time at the party. Kelly even showed us her tatoo; I'm actually not sure what body part this is on... The food that Danielle cooked, as well as the appetizers were awesome! Afterwards, we went to the Boatel bar, and I chatted with the cute bartender, who was moving with her boyfriend to "Oregon or something".

When I went up to Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse, I took a tour to the Arctic Ocean. (Notice the cracks on the windshield!) While on the tour, we had some good conversations with the tour guide, Orion Johnson, and met a couple from Iowa, whose names I forgot. They were on the tour too. I also met Chuck and Linda, who were teaching Oil Workers about environmental regulations. Chuck was from Fairport, NY, and Linda owned a Bar in Talkeetna with her husband. She suggested I stop by and visit her while I was there.

On the way back from Deadhorse, I stopped by Wiseman, and talked with Jack Reakoff. Jack was one of the 29 permanent residents of Wiseman, was a Trapper and Hunter. While I was there, a game warden brought him a dead sub-legal Dall Sheep, that another hunter had killed. He was butchering it while I was there. He had a flyer, which I will post a picture of later.

In Denali National Park, I met Gil, Yuval, and Anita. I had just finished my 4 days hiking in the Park, and met them on the side of the road, waiting to catch the camper bus to Wonder Lake. We had an Ironic conversation about terrorism and how safe the United States is. This was two days before the attack. I stayed in the same Hostel as Yuval and Anita in Anchorage, and chatted with them there. While riding the bus, I of course saw Mt. McKinley. The two peaks on top of the mountain are about one mile apart. The thing was absolutely friggen incredible! The Bus Driver was hilarious. He called himself "Be Safe Dick".

While I was in Talkeetna, I met Mad Dog, who used to live in Ohio, then he sold everything, bought a cabin in the woods near Talkeetna, and moved there with his wife. Mad Dog has a Radio program on the Talkeetna NPR affiliate, and works for the Historical Society in the Museum. I also hung out at the West Rib, and talked with Lynn, Dennis, and "Doc". Doc, was a hunter, and carried a .44 with him. We helped Lynn move some custom cabinets she ordered for their summer place in Talkeetna.

When I got to Anchorage, I had heard about the Attack's, while in Talkeetna, and I didn't feel like sleeping in my car, so I headed to the Spenard Hostel. I met some guys there, and we hung out for a couple days. We went to the Moose's Tooth, had pizza and met Charlies Angels. We went to a movie theater, where they serve beer, and watched Angelina Jolie in her "blockbuster" Tomb Raider.

The next day, we went to the Anchorage Farmers Market, and watched some Hawaiian dancers, then climbed Flattop Mountain. On the way up, we met a dog who was wearing booties to keep his paws safe. Only myself, Corey and (I think his name was John) made it to the top. Andrew ended up helping a woman down who had broken her leg.

I also went to see "O", which was a modern day William Shakespear's Othello. It as a very depressing movie, especially in light of events that recently happened. But my company was very nice. Her name was Jen Campbell, and we met on the return camper bus in Denali National Park. We went to Ice Cream afterwards at Baskin Robbins. I had some variation of chocolate / Rocky Road. Jen is a Physical Therapist in the Cardiac Rehab unit at the local hospital, and has run a Sub 3hr 30min marathon. I joined her at one of the local Tuesday night races in Anchorage, and she won her division. - She was no joke!
I went riding with Carlos and his friends a bunch of times while in Anchorage. This picture is Carlos and Phil, Beth behind the car, Jeff, Rema, and Brian getting ready to ride in the Flattop Parking Lot. In this picture, we are near the "Tour of Anchorage" trail, on some trails on the "Hillside" right behind Beth and Jeff's house. From left to right in this picture, is Jeff, Molly, Beth, Rema, Christian, Carlos, Chris, Brian and Chris' dog "Icy?". They are all pointing the way that they think we should go. Here is everyone giving the High Zero. This is a lessor form of the High Five, that Jeff started with some other guys at work. Some of the trails are on a Military Base, where they were practicing with "Live Rounds". We obviously weren't allowed to ride there that weekend. Here are some more pics of Brian, Rema, with Devil Eyes, and some other folks, giving the High Zero at Beth and Jeff's diner party.
Here are some little mpg's of Rema, Carlos, and Beth. Here's one of everyone "Swamping Out", and another of the Warriors after the battle. The last one is of "Wildman" not quite making it up a hill climb.

I went to Whitehorse, to visit Narelle who I met earlier on my trip. She was working at the Hyde on Jeckell Hostel in town. In the weekend I was there, I had a wonderful time. I met several cool people, including David, from Quebec who was looking for work in the computer field; Matt, who lived in the area; Michelle, who was also an Aussie and whose goal was to Mush some sled dogs, she is going to work as a SCUBA instructor in Florida this spring; and Anabell, who had a PhD in Psychology, was also from Quebec, and wanted to work with the local 1st Nations People. I had a massive crush on all three women staying in the Hostel. Especially when I listened to Anabell speak.

On the way from Whitehorse to Calgary I met two interesting women who had wonderful smiles, and had nice conversations with each of them. I met Natalie, a biology / forestry student, in the Discovery Center in Prince George. She was drinking hot water out of her mug. Then while filling up in Banff, I met Caprice. She seemed bummed out when I told her I was driving on to Calgary.

I picked up a Swiss ski instructor named Didier hitchhiking in Banff. Didier, whose French was better than his English, and I drove to the Hostel in Calgary. In the Hostel, I met Jo, who agreed to join us at a local pub on Stephens Street. She invited Andrew, an Aussie on holiday in western Canada, to join us out for a few drinks. Later, Her and I went hiking in the Kootenay National Park. At the pub we played some stick, and ate some junkfood.