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This page contains frequently asked questions for the Forever Summer group and website. It also has contact information, notes of gratitude, as well some posting guidelines. I'm sure few people will take the time to look at this page, but it's here for your benefit. If your one of the smart ones, congratulations!

I can get all the e-mails, and post e-mails to the group, but I can't log in to the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foreversummer web site to participate in the polls and stuff. I don't have a yahoo ID, what do I do?

Unfortunately, to log in to the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foreversummer site to use the list features such as creating and participating in polls, you have to log in to the site with a yahoo id. To create a yahoo id, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foreversummer , look for the light blue bar above the "foreversummer - Ryan's forever summer tour 2001" that says "Welcome Guest". Look on the right hand side of that bar, and click on Register. Follow the instructions, then proceed to the next question and answer.

I can get all the e-mails, and post e-mails to the group, but I can't log in to the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foreversummer web site. I have a yahoo ID, and when I try to log in with it, it says "Oops... Your subscription to the group foreversummer is still pending. You will be able to access this page once the moderator has approved your subscription. ", what do I do?

Your yahoo, or e-groups id is not linked to the e-mail that I have subscribed you to the list with. In order to log on to the site, you need to have a yahoo ID that is linked to the e-mail address that you are recieving the posts on. In order to link your e-mail address to your yahoo ID, go to the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foreversummer, and look for the box to the right of the "Description" Box, that says "Join Now". At the bottom of that paragraph, there is a link that says "conversion wizard". Click on that, or just click on this link, and link your e-mail address to your yahoo ID.

How do I unsubscribe from the list?

To unsubscribe, just reply to the original e-mail you got with the heading "Welcome to the foreversummer group", or send an email to foreversummer-unsubscribe from the e-mail address that I originally sent the subscription to.

How do I subscribe / get onto the list?

To subscribe to the list, go to the foreversummer group, look for the heading that says "foreversummer - RYAN's foreversummer tour 2001", and to the right of that there is a puple link on a yellow background that says "Join this group!", or just click on this link. *If you do not have a yahoo id, read question / answer #1. Or, if you don't feel like adding yourself, just send me an e-mail with your e-mail address, name, and reason for wanting to join the list.

What are the general posting policies / guidelines?

When posting to the forever summer list please take the time to "think before you post." - When I say this, I mean the following. There are generally a lot of hoaxes, false virus warnings, and general e-mail falsities out there on the web. A lot of these may seem legitimate, but are not. To see what I mean, point your browser at any of the following:

A good resource for legitimate security warnings is: The primary purpose of this group is to act as a discussion group about Ryan Madison's trip to Alaska, and for me to keep you all updated on my adventures. If you have any questions or comments that have anything to do with this, please feel free to send them; they are very welcome. When you have something that you would like to send to the group that you may consider outside of that subject, please think twice before sending it.

Also, please refrain from sending any of the following to the list.

  • -Advertisements for any product or service
  • -Pornography
  • -Requests to send a particular piece of email "to all of your friends."
  • -Anything that you might not want in your inbox.
  • -In general please use your best judgment when sending to this list. It has about 65 people or so, is unmoderated, and can potentially clutter a lot of folks inboxes quick.

How can I contact Ryan?

Ryan can be reached via e-mail at Ryan.Madison@usa.com.

Ryan's current address is:
353 Bay Village Drive
Rochester, NY 14609

Ryan's current telephone number is:

Where is the official Forever Summer website?

You are at it! The Forever Summer website is at http://ryo.ekaboka.com. It can also be reached at http://ryo.dnsalias.org. If you have problems with DNS, it can also be reached at

Where did the idea for this website come from?

I took my first extended road trip, in 1997. During that trip, I e-mailed my friends my journal entries that I wrote along the way. -- This website was an extension of that. The same Idea, but with pictures, and other content.

Where is the official Yahoo Forever Summer Group site?

The official Yahoo group is located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group.foreversummer

What is the e-mail, and how do I send an to the Yahoo group?

The Yahoo Forever Summer Group e-mail is foreversummer@yahoogroups.com. You can send an e-mail to the group by clicking on the above link, or logging on to the Yahoo Forever Summer Group site, and logging in if you are a member. Or you can just send an e-mail from your standard e-mail program.

Notes of gratitude:

I owe a supreme debt of gratitude to my former employer; Harris Interactive who loaned me a laptop, extra hardware, and provided me dial up account for the duration of the trip. It was indispensible, and without it, things would have been much less convienient for me.

I also would like to thank the folks at ekaboka.com for providing a DNS entry, and consulting services. The owners of ekaboka, also host Randpass for excellent random passwords, and Our Wedding Soon for newly engaged couples.

If I request to be added with a different e-mail, what's this garbage e-mail I get back asking me about myself, and how come it takes so long to be approved?

If a person requests to be added to the list with an e-mail that I don't know I will send you an e-mail similar to the following:

Hi roadcandy, My name is Ryan, and I am the moderator of my forever summer group that you requested to join. To be honest with you, this is the first e-group that I have moderated, and I am surprised that other people that I don't really know have requested to join it.

I don't really have a problem with having you in the group, in fact, I think it would be fun to have other people join to enjoy my vacation. But, of course I am skeptical about letting someone join who I don't know. Or, maybe I do know you, and I don't know your e-mail.

I guess maybe I will ask you a couple questions, and then we will go from there. First off, do I know you, and if so, what's your name? - If I know you, and don't know this e-mail, then just send me a note back letting me know who you are, and I will add you. If I don't know you then please answer these questions.

Can you tell me a little about yourself, and what interested you about my group.
Would you ever send e-mail of an objectionable nature to the group?
Objectionable can certainly be defined in many different ways, but my definition is the following:

  • Unsolicited advertisements for any product or service.
  • Unsolicited pornographic material.
  • Anything that can loosely be defined as junk mail.
  • Anything that you wouldn't want your grandmother to receive. Reason I ask is because my grandmother is on the e-mail list, and I don't want her to receive any of the above.
I guess that's it. I hope you respond to this, and I would certainly enjoy having you.

The reason I do this, is because I made the list such that only people who have been added to it, are allowed to post to it. This is so I can keep track of the people who have the ability to post to it, and to potentially spam the list. It is my intention to keep this to a minimum, so that this list is not used to propogate useless junk e-mail.

The reason it takes so long to be approved, is with the infrequency that I check my e-mail I might not read the request for quite some time after it is sent to me. Then, after I send the "information gathering e-mail" to you, you might not respond for a while... - I am doing my best with that though.

How often does Ryan post summary journal updates / new content?

As my internet access is sketchy, and the opportunites to get online and update the web site are few and far between, it is anyones guess when I will update the site, and post new content. *That said, I try to do it at least every week to week and a half.

How come downloading pictures / mpegs is so slow?

In addition to the hardware, the machine is on-line with Road Runner. Road Runner's download speeds I have seen hit up to approximately 256MB/sec. The upload speed, (download for those browsing the site), is more like in the 32 - 56MB/sec range. That's one of the reasons things are slow.

What kind of hardware / software is running this web server?

The box that I have the web server on, is a single 200Mhz processor, with 160MB RAM, IBM 365 Business PC, running SUN Solaris x86. The web server is Apache version 1.3.20 compiled with DSO support. The cable modem is plugged directly into a CISCO 2912 -XLEN 10/100MB switch, partitioned into two vlans, one for the external public net, the other for the internal private net.