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These are the dates and places I've been over this summer. Occasionally, I was in two places in one day. In those cases I have approximated the locations.

May 16th Harris Interactive, 135 Corporate Woods, Rochester, NY
May 17th - June 12th Home, 353 Bay Village Drive, Rochester, NY 14609
June 13th On the way to Ohio
June 13th - June 15th Joe + Amy's in Ohio
June 15th On the Road to Chicago
June 15th - June 17th Katie Hickey's in Chicago
June 17th On the road to Madison
June 17th - June 21st Lee Davenport's in Madison
June 21st On the road through Wisconsin, Minnesota, to South Dakota
June 22nd On the road through South Dakota to the Badlands
June 22nd - June 23rd Badlands, South Dakota
June 23rd On the road to Devil's Tower Wyoming
June 23rd - June 25th Devil's Tower Lodge, Devil's Tower, Wyoming
June 25th On the road to Cody, Wyoming
June 25th - June 26th Cody, Wyoming
June 26th On the road to Yellowstone
June 26th - June 28th Yellowstone National Park
June 28th On the road to Missoula, Lolo National Forest
June 29th On the road to Libby, Montana
June 29th - July 3rd Kristen's place in Montana
July 3rd On the road to the Idaho Panhandle National forest, near Sand Point
July 4th On the road to Riverside St. Park in Spokane, WA
July 5th On the road to the Wenatchee National Forest, outside Mt. Ranier National Park
July 6th Mt. Ranier National Park, and Undeveloped site #055 in the Tahoma National Forest
July 7th On the road to Saltwater Beach State Park, and Tacoma WA.
July 8th On the road back to Mt. Ranier National Park, and the Tahoma National Forest
July 9th - 10th Camp Muir, and Summit of Mt. Ranier, Mt. Ranier National Park
July 10th On the road to Heather Henrick's place in South Seattle.
July 10th - 11th Heather Henrick's place in South Seattle.
July 12th On a Jetblue Flight back to Rochester for Joe and Amy's wedding in Geneva, NY
July 12th - 16th Geneva, and Rochester, NY
July 16th On a JetBlue Flight back to Seattle to continue the trek up the coast.
July 17th - 24th Heather Henrick's place in South Seattle
July 25th Shalae Glacier Camp, North Cascade's National Park
July 26th,27th Vancouver British Colombia
July 27th - 29th Devora's in Seattle
July 30,31st Devora's and Heathers in Seattle
August 1st On the way to Victoria, B.C.
August 1st,2nd Victoria, B.C. + Salt Springs Island
August 2nd, 3rd Heading North on Vancouver Island
August 3rd Port Hardy, B.C. (Northern Tip of Vancouver Island)
August 4th Aboard the B.C. Ferry heading to Prince Rupert, B.C.
August 5th,6th Prince Rupert, Terrace, B.C.
August 6th On the way to Ketchikan Alaska.
August 6th-8th Ketchikan Alaska, home of tourism crap.
August 8th On the M.V. Taku headed for Wrangell
August 8th-10th Wrangell, AK (Home of hungry black bears)
August 10th Aboard the M.V. Taku headed for Petersburg
August 11th,12th Petersburg, AK
August 12th Aborad the M.V. Kennicott bound for Sitka, AK
August 13th-14th Sitka, AK
August 14th-15th On board the M.V. Le Conte headed for Juneau, AK
August 15th-16th Juneau, AK
August 16th,17th Gustavus, AK and Glacier Bay
August 17th-21st Juneau, AK
August 21st On the way to Haines, and somewhere I can drive places from.
August 21 Shipwrecked in Haines
August 22nd,23rd Home of Sylvia Something. Judy Hall is watching her place.
August 23rd-24th On the way to Fairbanks
August 24th-27th Danielle Cox's Apartment in Fairbanks
August 28th - 30th On the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, Prudhoe Bay, and back to Fairbanks
August 31st - September 5th Staying with Danielle Cox in Fairbanks
September 6th On the way to Denali National Park
September 6th - 9th Denali National Park
September 10th On the way to Talkeetna
September 10th - 11th Talkeetna
September 11th On the way to Anchorage
September 11th - 16th Anchorage, International Hostel + Carlos Lozano's
September 17th Homer, AK
September 18th Sweard, AK
September 19th Whittier, AK
September 20th On the way back to Anchorage
September 21st - 28th Anchorage, AK Home of Carlos Lozano
September 29th On the way to Whitehorse
September 30th Whitehorse
October 1st Driving South on the Cassiar Highway
October 2nd Driving West on the Yellowhead Highway
October 3rd - 4th Jasper, AB
October 5th On the road to Calgary, AB
October 6th Calgary, AB
October 7th On the road back to Banff
October 8th - 9th Hiking in Kootenay, NP in B.C. then back in Banff
October 10th Drove from Banff, AB to Bowbells, N.D. USA
October 11th Drove from Bowbells, N.D. to Madison, W.I.
October 12th Drove from Madison, W.I. to Rochester, NY
October 13th Home, for at least a while...