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Jobless, homeless, often showerless, on a mission to see Alaska. Our intrepid traveler, made his way around North America in a used Subaru Legacy Outback, with a kick-ass "pod" on top. He brought hope and happiness to those he met along the way. -- Unfortunately, Summer is over. Soon, I will find a job and join society again. Then I can start saving up for my next 6 month hiatius. Hmm, Europe sounds interesting...

I left June 13th at 4:41PM, and took about a month to drive out West. Then, after returning home the weekend of July 13th for Joe and Amy's wedding. I returned to Seattle, and, for about a month, met ton's of interesting people cruising "The Ferries" up through Vancouver Island and Southeast Alaska. I ended up getting shipwrecked in Haines. Then in the interior, I drove the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, where I took a brief swim in the Arctic Ocean. I got some killer views of Mt. McKinley hiking for four days in Denali Park. Then I spent a few weeks mountain biking in Anchorage and checking out marine wildlife in Seward. On September 29th, I left Alaska bound for Rochester. I drove through Chicken, on the "Top of the World Highway", entered the Yukon near Dawson City, saw the Northern Lights in Whitehorse, walked on Athabasca Glacier in Jasper + Banff, and was kidnapped by a beautiful brit in Calgary. After hiking with her for a couple days I managed to escape, and spent three long arduous days driving back to Rochester. I arrived back home at 3:51AM on October 13th.
Ryan en-route to the summit of Mt. Rainier

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